State policy requires agencies to follow a prescribed process when information security incidents occur. Typically, it is each agency’s Information Security Officer’s (ISO) responsibility to notify the proper authorities. However, regardless of the reporting individual, ALL State of California Agencies, Departments, Boards, Panels, and other entities are required to perform the prescribed process includes the following steps:      
  1. All Incidents will be reported within 60 minutes of detection via the:

                                     California Compliance and Security Incident Reporting System (
Cal-CSIRS) portal

This process replaced the former ENTAC reporting method
, which remains only to accommodate reporting when the Cal-CSIRS site is down or otherwise unaccessible.  
Note:  Using this system meets the requirements to report to both the California Information Security Office (CISO) and the California Highway Patrol (CHP) Computer Crimes Investigation Unit (CCIU).  If you have a situation that is Law Enforcement Sensitive or involves an ongoing criminal investigation, contact the California Highway Patrol (CHP) Computer Crimes Investigation Unit (CCIU) directly for guidance.

  Mandatory Reporting Categories:
  1. Loss or Compromise of State Data or Processing Resources (includes electronic, paper, or any other medium)  
  2. Criminal Activity - Use of a state information asset in commission of a crime.  This includes situations involving Unauthorized Access; Attacks; Inappropriate Use; Outages or Disruptions (> 2 hrs); Theft or distruction of government property, and any incident that violates privacy of information security policies of the agency.  
  3.  Any event cybersecurity related event adversely impacting a state activity that generates local, regional, or national media coverage.  
  Support Services for Reported Events:
  Entities who need assistance responding to cybersecurity related events should contact the Cal-CSIC for assistance.  
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